In 2016 SC Trading came into existence after recognising a gap in the market for our unique approach to providing reliable analysis.


Built on a solid foundation and created over the past few years, SC Trading has developed Daily Technical Analysis Trade Sheets, that is based on strong principles to provide the best analysis of key markets each day.


Our analysis is centred around a purely technical analysis approach, using technical patterns and candlestick formations to map the markets and identify actionable trading opportunities. We concentrate on important support and resistance levels, trends and overall market direction, then drill down to find technical patterns and candlestick formations that provide tradable ideas that have proven to be consistently profitable.


Our technical analysis is a simple price action centred approach, with supporting evidence from moving averages, stochastics, and Fibonacci. Every report will provide a market overview and a detailed account of the analysis, culminating in a possible trade idea. We keep an eye on the news, so as not to clash with big news announcements leaving the fundamentals for the economist to interpret.

Our Offering

SC Trading produces daily analysis of Forex products and Commodities, providing invaluable analysis and research to Institutions, Professional traders and Fund Managers. Our analysis is innovative, clear, concise, providing charts, levels, and market commentary, always before the UK market opens.

SC Trading aim is to provide up to date, actional, reliable analysis to your desk. The innovate analysis provides entirely independent research and assures no other influences apart from pure research.



Simon’s introduction to trading was while looking for a change of career, it was back in 2010, he went to work for an old friend who ran a boutique brokerage firm, whilst learning the rope of the business and working in different aspects of the firm, Simon found trading was a natural fit and wanted to pursue a career in this field.

This led him to take a year sabbatical where he studied various fields within the industry to gain an overall understanding of currency trading. From this, he discovered technical analysis and charting and found this to be a natural fit for his mindset and personality. With his newfound knowledge and approach, Simon began to create his trading routine. He surrounded himself with successful traders and employed an accountability partner to ensure that every step moving forward was an overall positive experience. From 2012 Simon started his trading career, putting into practice what he had learned. The reality of trading, along with a strict determination to not repeat the previous mistakes, ensured he traded with a prudent and disciplined approach.

Simon has crafted a unique, innovative and disciplined approach which is focused on the psychology of trading. This has led to a strict daily routine with clear principles and rules within his trading process. This process combined with technical analysis, pattern recognition, candlestick formations, and a mathematically based method, lead to excellent returns and consistent profits.

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