Independent Daily Analysis for Market Professionals

SC Trading produces daily analysis of Forex products and Commodities, providing invaluable analysis and research to Institutions and Fund Managers. Our analysis is innovative, clear, concise, providing charts, levels, and market commentary, always before the UK market opens.

SC Trading aim is to provide up to date, actional, reliable analysis to your desk. The innovate analysis provides entirely independent research and assures no other influences apart from pure research.

With the introduction of regulation on "unbundling" of research costs by the FCA our independent, consistent and relevant daily commentaries are increasingly catching the attention of Institutions and Fund Managers.

We bring new, innovative thinking to this sector and a different dimension to Fund Managers' current trading and investment strategies.

We offer a number of levels of service, with flexible pricing to suit your needs, whether it be a single user, a site licence or a bespoke company-wide service offering.

The“site license” model to allow multiple access, catering to the needs of the modern trading operation. The reports can be disseminated in many forms from email, central or induvial addresses, to be placed on your intranet. You decide!

Updates are regularly sent out during times of extreme volatility!


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